Hybrid Cloud Hosting Solutions

Use a mixture of public cloud, private cloud and/or on-premises infrastructure to create a hybrid cloud that powers your business to exponential growth.

Why move to a Hybrid Cloud?

Create the best fit for your business needs with a hybrid cloud solution. Seamlessly connect public cloud, private cloud and dedicated hardware in a bespoke tech environment.

Why choose a Hybrid Cloud?

There are so many reasons to choose a managed Hybrid Cloud hosting solution for you business or organisation

  • Cope with seasonal traffic spiking and cloud bursting requirements
  • Protect business critical data in a private cloud and recovery scenario in public cloud
  • Compliance and regulatory scenarios where sensitive information is held on a private cloud, and general web servers on the public cloud

Easy to Scale

Use resources on a cost-effective pay-as-you-go basis to handle unpredictable traffic and high performance applications. Only ever pay for what you use, with the guarantee that extra capacity is always available. Scale fast, when you need it, with complete business continuity.


Guaranteed consistent monthly spend, with no capital expenditure on infrastructure and installation. Enjoy easy-to-follow monthly payments and reduce staff time and training costs by relying on our expertise.

Fully Secure

Control and access to the cloud. Fulfils legal and regulatory requirements for the handling of sensitive data, and allows speedy DRaaS. Hybrids give you the cloud’s flexibility and scale alongside dedicated hardware and private cloud capacity, to give you maximum peace of mind…


Simple, risk-free transition to cloud services, with complete business continuity. Build on your existing infrastructure to ensure seamless transition to a cloud environment, and guarantee secure communications between different parts of your tech architecture. Cloud functionality also gives customers excellent DRaaS options and fast access to data back-ups. Using our experience and delivery expertise, a hybrid cloud system delivers what you want, when you need it. Mixing technology in an agnostic way means we can deliver bespoke infrastructure that responds to your needs.

We'll migrate your cloud for FREE!

We believe that moving servers to Advanced IT Services shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we will move your server for FREE! Just get in touch with our expert team and we’ll create a migration strategy for you so everything runs seamlessly during the migration.

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Customise your Hybrid Cloud Solution

We can get your Hybrid Cloud solution up and running in less than 24 hours. Drive your business into the future with a bespoke hybrid cloud solution. Take advantage of the benefits of multiple cloud products at once, mixing public cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure with dedicated cloud resource and/or on-prem servers. Optimise your solution for performance, scalability and value for money. Simply get in touch and we’ll discuss your requirements and ensure a hybrid cloud solution is right for you.

Custom Hybrid Solution
from PER MONTH £199.99
  • Fully Managed Hybrid Cloud Services
  • Streamline Costs
  • Combine Private and Public Cloud
  • Full Layered Security

Need Support?

If you require any assistance in getting your VPS up and running, we are only a click away.

Hybrid Cloud Scenarios

Dynamic Workloads

Use an easily scalable public cloud for your dynamic workloads, while leaving less volatile, or more sensitive, workloads to a private cloud or our on-premises data centre.

Separating workloads

You might store sensitive financial or customer information on your private cloud, and use a public cloud to run the rest of your enterprise applications.

Big Data Processing

It’s unlikely that you process big data continuously at a near-constant volume. Instead, you could run some of your big data analytics using highly scalable public cloud resources, while also using a private cloud to ensure data security and keep sensitive big data behind your firewall.

Move to the cloud at your own pace

Put some of your workloads on a public cloud or on a small-scale private cloud. See what works for your enterprise, and continue expanding your cloud presence as needed—on public clouds, private clouds, or a mixture of the two.

Flexibility for the future

No matter how well you plan to meet today’s needs, unless you have a crystal ball, you won’t know how your needs might change next month or next year. A hybrid cloud approach lets you match your actual data management requirements to the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises resources that are best able to handle them.

Best of Both Worlds

Unless you have clear-cut needs fulfilled by only a public cloud solution or only a private cloud solution, why limit your options? Choose a hybrid cloud approach, and you can tap the advantages of both worlds simultaneously.

Why choose Advanced IT Services for my Hybrid Cloud?

All our Cloud Hosting services are based on fixed transparent pricing which means you’ll be able to manage your budget easily. Our experts are on hand to discuss your requirements and advise on the best solution for you. We pride ourselves on working closely with all our clients to ensure you’ll get a solution which really meets your needs.

Is a Hybrid Cloud Secure?

Our cloud engineers are specialised in security, providing the highest levels of protection possible for your cloud environment. We also offer a range of additional cloud security services, such as SIEM, WAF and DDoS protection.

What kind of support do you offer?

We have an experienced in house team here at Advanced IT Services who are on hand 24/7 to support you. Via our live chat, managed service desk and expert support team; we’ll be on hand to support you from set up to on going support and scaling.

Wholly Owned Data Centres

We operate and wholly own our Data Centres which means your data is always fully secure and compliant within our facilities. We offer 100% uptime within our SLA and are fully committed to investing within our infrastructure to continuously grow and innovate.

Cybersecurity is always our priority

Our Data Centres are fully compliant with all the ISO27001 certifications and we have partnered with industry leading specialists to ensure your platform always remains fully secure. Thanks to our Cisco ASA firewalls and DDoS protection; you can be assured you’re in safe hands.

Can you help me with a bespoke solution?

We pride ourselves on always putting our customers needs first. If you require something more bespoke, we’ll work closely with you to deliver a solution which meets your needs and maximises your IT budget whilst never compromising on performance.

What other services do Advanced IT Services offer?

Did you know we are also a fully managed IT support provider. In fact, we’ve grown rapidly over the years to provide managed support services to our clients. Why not see if we can help your business further visit our sister site Advanced IT Services for more information