Empower your employees, wherever they are

Work from anywhere with highly secure, hassle-free remote working solutions that maximise your IT budget, increase flexibility and enhance productivity.

Work from anywhere

Since the COVID 19 pandemic, remote working has never been more at the forefront of a businesses requirements. As more employees now work from home or travel between sites you need to be sure that your workforce remain productive and online at all times. User experience must be maintained whether your colleagues are off-site or as they would be when they’re in the office.

With AIT we’ll make sure you’ll get the job done. Driving business output is the core objective of any organisation, and with remote working it means making sure that your hybrid workforce work productively through closing the game between in-office and off site user experience. We’ll make sure your data is secure so that there’s little risk of disruptive breaches so you can continue to strive forward in a world of ever changing work environments.

What Remote Working Solutions do you offer?

We have a whole host of solutions designed to allow your employees to work productively no matter where they are in the world. We believe that access should be do different if you’re based in the office or working remotely. Key services include:

  • Hosted Desktop
  • Connectivity
  • Office 365
  • AIT Blue
  • Assured Access
  • Hosted Apps
  • File Sharing & Storage

Who are your Cloud Hosting Services for?

Our clients include businesses of all sizes, developers, designers, public sector organisations and government departments.

Is Cloud Hosting the same as Shared Hosting?

The term “shared hosting” usually refers to types of budget web hosting and PaaS, where hundreds of websites could be sharing a finite pool of resources. Public cloud hosting is a step up from this. You still have multiple tenants on the same underlying hardware, but where it differs is that each user on the environment has their own allocated resources.

What this means in practice is that the multi-tenant environment of a public cloud plan can provide a far more consistent and higher-level performance than a typical “shared hosting” plan.

An example of a single-tenant environment would be a private cloud solution. With dedicated compute and storage, private cloud hosting can be true single-tenant, offering a far greater certainty of high performance and isolation.

Is my data secure in the Cloud?

Data security is paramount at AIT. Our data centres have the highest level of protection from both virtual and physical security threats. We also have a team of security specialists whose job it is to ensure our customers’ data is secure in the ever-evolving cyber-security landscape.

How are Cloud Servers different to Dedicated Servers

Virtual vs physical:

As cloud servers are virtualised, you don’t need to buy a physical dedicated server or rent space in a data centre. You can get started much faster as there is no physical server (which would need to be built or installed by a data centre engineer).

Upfront cost:

You only pay for the resources you use, so there’s less CapEx and less potential wastage.


Cloud hosting provides excellent scalability and flexibility – as resources can be increased or decreased based on demand.


When your infrastructure and data is on the cloud, you’re generally more resilient when it comes to things like hardware failure. For example, our eCloud platform has built-in redundancy. If the hardware was to fail, then the platform would fail over to functioning hardware with minimal disruption.

What's the difference between Cloud Hosting and Web Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a broader term used to describe the type of hosting, where web hosting is describing the intended use of the platform.

The term “web hosting” is widely associated with hosting services which are website-ready from the off. While some types of cloud hosting can be website-ready out-of-the-box, it’s not always a given. For example, Infrastructure as a Service is a form of cloud hosting which only includes your server and network infrastructure. This means you might need to manually install your server stack (essential software e.g. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) to make your platform website-ready.

However, cloud hosting can be the perfect basis for a web hosting platform due to scalability, reliability and relinquishing the need to buy expensive hardware.

We have a range of services to make it quick and easy to get into building or migrating your website on our cloud hosting platform whether you’re on Magento, WordPress, Drupal or another platform. Please get in touch with our hosting experts for more information.

What Cloud Services are available on your platform?

  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Web Hosting
  • VDI solutions e.g. Desktop as a Service
  • Cloud Storage solutions e.g. Storage as a Service
  • Cloud Backup solutions e.g. Storage as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery
  • File Sharing solutions
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Container DevOps Platform

What level of support do you offer?

AIT support is available 24/7/365 thanks to our on-site experts who are always readily available. Whether you need expert advice, technical support or account management; rest-assured that your business is in exceptional hands.

Just some of the great plans we offer

Remote working solutions which work for you, your business and empower your colleagues no matter where they are.

Remote Flex
from PER MONTH £199.99
  • Our partial remote working package is great for growing businesses or small businesses with a close knit workforce. You can tailor your package to suit your needs and scale as you grow.
  • ✔ Support for up to 15 Staff
  • ✔ Office 365 Applications
  • ✔ Microsoft Teams
  • ✔ VoIP Telephony System for Remote Working
  • ✔ VPN Remote Access
  • ✔ 3 month minimum contract
  • ✔ Managed Service Desk Support
Remote Enterprise
from PER MONTH £399.99
  • Our complete remote office working solutions are perfect for growing businesses who need complete flexibility and secure driven solutions. As an end to end provider we can tailor exactly what you need.
  • ✔ Support for up to 45 staff & beyond
  • ✔ Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • ✔ Enterprise Mobility and Security
  • ✔ VoIP Telephony System for Remote Working
  • ✔ VPS or Dedicated Server depending on requirements
  • ✔ 3 month minimum contract
  • ✔ Managed Service Desk Support

Need Support?

If you require any assistance in getting your VPS up and running, we are only a click away.

Remote Working Solutions

Microsoft 365

Depending on your needs and volume of users, we include either Microsoft 365 or 365 Business Premium in all of our remote working solutions. These allow users to install on multiple devices, meaning business crucial applications can be run on their office PC’s as well as work from home devices without incurring extra cost. Microsoft 365 provides users with access to all the latest office applications including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Business premium provides additional features that benefit a more mobile or home-based workforce, such as Business Premium the same high level of security that office-based file servers use.

Microsoft Teams

Secure access for video conferencing and chat so you can remain connected with your employees regardless of whether they are in the office or working at home. It also allows you to continue meeting customers face-to-face at a time where it is more difficult to organize in-person meetings.

VoIP Telephony System

A cloud-based telephone system like VoIP allows employees to make calls as part of the office phone system both from home and in the office, but without relying on traditional lines or infrastructure. Calls can be made or answered from a range of devices, offering a great level of flexibility.

Web browser – using either a headset or just a laptop’s microphone and speakers
Mobile App – The app works as if you were using your mobile but allows you to call like you’re using a desk phone in the office.
Desk Phone – You can still use a traditional desk phone but it can be plugged in to work at home just like the office

VPN Remote Access

Users can securely access resources such as business applications that require traditional office-based servers when remote working. These can be connected to in-house active directory servers so that corporate policy and security are enforced.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

Provides policy-based access control and security for remote devices, both corporate and personal. Employees using their own device, such as a laptop, can register it, ensuring it meets an expected level of security before it’s granted access to corporate resources. Additionally, corporate data and applications can be removed from the device if the employee leaves without touching any of their personal files and settings.

Enterprise Mobility and Security also provides application deployment functionality along with inventory capabilities to remote devices, meaning you can get new applications and data to your staff swiftly within a decentralized infrastructure.

Benefits for centralized management when working in a decentralized network

Policy enforcement
Application deployment
Backed up data

Business Application Cloud Migration

Do you have a business application that runs on traditional servers? Rather than upgrading and maintaining existing servers, speak to our experts about getting your applications migrated to Microsoft’s Azure cloud (link). Remove the burden of maintaining hardware and dependence on office infrastructure by placing the application in a highly available and secure cloud computing (link) infrastructure.
Web browser – using either a headset or just a laptop’s microphone and speakers
Mobile App – The app works as if you were using your mobile but allows you to call like you’re using a desk phone in the office.
Desk Phone – You can still use a traditional desk phone but it can be plugged in to work at home just like the office

Why Choose Advanced IT Services for your Remote Working Solution?

Being an end-to-end IT service provider, along with our Hosting Services means we can implement and overcome any challenges you may face. We can tailor bespoke packages which meet your requirements but also maximise your IT budgets so you can get optimum services without the hassle of an in house IT team, and benefit from our amazing support and technical knowledge 24/7/365

24/7/365 Support

Thanks to our managed service desk, live chat and helplines, you’ll benefit from our knowledgeable and friendly team as and when you need us. We are always on hand 24/7/365 and no task is ever too big or small. Even if you require on-site technician support at your head offices, we cover the whole of the UK and have an inhouse team of expert 1st, 2nd and 3rd line technicians.

Advice and Expert Hosting Solutions

Through assessing your needs and working with you to really understand your requirements regardless of your sector we can create expert hosting solutions which fulfil your needs. Whether your a school looking to support teachers and students on and off campus, or a financial institution looking into colocation. We can advise on all of our services and create a package which suits your needs. Our hosting solutions include:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting
  • Colocation

Supporting Staff and Empowering Users

Our motto is that users should feel empowered and be confident in using their IT solutions to enable them to become more productive and encourage collaboration between all colleagues. We can provide virtual or on site training to your users, along with on going support and advice. Find our more via our sister services site here