Secure Hosting Solutions

Are you prepared for a cyber emergency?

Data security is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for organisations of all sizes.
Ensure your business is protected against the ever evolving world of cybercrime with managed security and monitoring solutions that deliver. With a dedicated secure on site data centre; our services are designed to tackle growing threats to your business and ensure you are always protected.


92% of malware is delivered by email


29% of all files are not protected in anyway


43% of breach victims are small businesses


68% of businesses do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place

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Explore our range of security solutions, either purchase our packages directly or speak to our team about how we can service your security requirements.

360 Secure
from PER MONTH £75
  • Designed for smaller organisations to help them become cyber secure
  • ✔ 24/7 Monitoring & Backups
  • ✔ External Vulnerability Scanning
  • ✔ Staff Training Session
  • ✔ Covers Cloud infrastructure & on-premise servers
  • ✔ On-boarding Cyber Security health check and strategic plan for year
  • ✔ Quarterly phishing simulation
360 Secure +
from PER MONTH £99
  • Next generation cyber security. Includes all of 360 Secure package along with these additional features
  • ✔ SIEM services
  • ✔ DDoS Protection
  • ✔ Real-Time threat intelligence
  • ✔ Monthly cyber health reporting and fixes
  • ✔ Complete protection across all IT environments. Cloud / Virtual / Remote / SaaS & endpoints
  • ✔ Dashboard Reporting
360 Enterprise
from PER MONTH £129
  • Tailored to the exact needs of your network, and one of the most comprehensive cyber security solutions
  • ✔ Includes all features of Secure & Secure +
  • ✔ Consultancy from our Senior team
  • ✔ Penetration Testing
  • ✔ vCISO Services
  • ✔ PCI DSS Scans
  • ✔ Dedicated account manager

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Our Secure Solutions

Web Application Firewalls

Block suspicious activity, defend against Layer 7 activity and protect your data from hackers trying to exploit weaknesses in your system.

Threat Vision

AITs Threat Vision uses SIEM technology to provide your business with real time visibility over your infrastructure, ensuring attacks are detected and prevented.

Penetration Testing

Identify and resolve potential flaws in your network before they are exploited. Test your systems ability to withstand attack through our simulations.


DDoS protection, prevention and migration have never been more critical. Our platform equips your system to be robust even in the most hostile of environments

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Providing you with the resource to identify security vulnerabilities and address them before they're exploited.

Managed Firewall Protection

We offer a managed redundant Cisco ASA firewall as standard as well as a whole host of redundant firewall options available to enhance your security.